What Are Healthy Foods To Eat?

What Are Healthy Foods To Eat? Many people do not know or understand that they can continue to eat and still lose weight. In fact, certain foods that you eat can even aid in your weight loss goals. But perhaps you're concerned that you do not have the time to cook additional foods that are suppose to aid in weight loss. You've probably already tweaked your exercise schedule, and have no more room or patience for change. Well, do not be discouraged, here are some healthy diet foods for weight loss that many nutritionists and dietitians recommend are the same ones that you're most likely eating,if you already lead a healthy lifestyle. From the exercise magazine Fitness to correspondents on FOX News, fat burning foods have been the talk of town lately. So read on below to see if you diet already encompasses these natural fat busters.

Chili Peppers

If you're a fan of Thai or Indian food you've probably had your share of chili pepper based meals. Red curry which is commonly found in South Asian recipes is great for you. Chili peppers are shown to boost your metabolism because of a chemical found in them called capsaicin. And we all know that a higher metabolism means that your body is a better fat burning machine!


A recent study has shown that a reduced calorie diet coupled with dairy consumption leads to increased weight loss when compared to a diet that is strictly based on reduced calories without dairy consumption. Since yogurt is an excellent source of calcium, and nowadays fortified quite frequently with Vitamins A and D as well, adding yogurt to your diet has numerous benefits.

Lean Protein

Did you know that the body has to burn more calories to maintain muscle than fat? Did you know that muscle increases your metabolism? Did you know that you're probably eating all the right lean meats that have protein which your muscles need? Well, keep up the good work, eating lean proteins such as salmon and poultry will keep you, well, lean.

Green Tea

As the Chinese have known for years, the health benefits of green tea are many. Recent research has shown that green tea can also help boost your metabolism. So consider changing that cup of  coffee to a cup of green tea a few times a day. Not only does green tea have a subtle unassuming flavor that is quite relaxing to drink before going to bed, but it will help you burn calories even when you're at rest.

So if you're already familiar with the foods above or you're looking for a quick and easy way to improve your diet, try adding any of the above to your food repertoire. Your body, especially your metabolism, will thank you for it.