Great Travel Exercises

For all you jet-setters out there, you know the secret to looking great while travelling the globe: Making every vacation an opportunity to explore new physical activities and fresh exercise routines. For those not so sure where to start, here are some travel exercises do's and don'ts while vacationing

1-Do....Visit as many places on foot as possible

It's amazing how many people drive Vespas in Italy while on vacation or rent scooters to explore Key West. Here's a novel idea: Try walking. Not only is walking a great low intensity cardio activity, but it also gives you the opportunity to stay active while enjoying your vacation. So if you're headed to the Big Apple, take your walking shoes. or better yet, take your running shoes, there's nothing like a jog through Central Park to get the blood flowing. So say yes to any walking tours. Bypass the tourist crammed mega-automobiles, also known as tour coaches, and enjoy your on-foot adventures.

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2-Do....Choose a location that gives you plenty of physical activity opportunities

There are some vacation packages that are like mini-triathlons within themselves. Take an eco-vacation for example. If you vacation in let's say, Suriname, you're destined to find yourself cycling up a mountain, hiking while exploring the rainforest, and swimming off a very beautiful coastline. Try to vacation in a place where you'll have many options to explore when it comes to physical activity.

3-Do......Be Flexible

It doesn't matter if you cant go running through Rio de Janeiro every morning, like you do in Hartford, CT. Instead, try going on a hike through one of Brazils beautiful parks or ask to participate in a capoeira, Brazilian martial arts, practice. Maybe the gym in Monte Carlo doesn't have your favorite elliptical machine, try taking running on one of Monaco's beautiful beaches instead. Or maybe Beijing is a bit too crowded for your normal evening run, here is a great opportunity to spend a morning getting to know the locals and practicing some Tai Chi instead. Just be flexible and remember that a vacation is about adventure, as much as it is about relaxing.

4-Do not...Overbook yourself

Sometimes vacationers have a tendency to overbook themselves. Perhaps you know what type of vacationers to which I'm referring? They're the types that have full itineraries planned for every minute of their vacation. Try to leave room for the unexpected. If you're too busy trying to fit in a visit to every museum and every national monument, you're missing out on a precious opportunity to squeeze in a workout in a new exotic locale..unless of course, you're walking. If so, then by all means explore.

And finally...

5-Do not.....take a vacation from your exercise routine

It is so tempting when you're on vacation to take a break from your normal exercise routine. There is nothing wrong with changing your routine, but don't abandon it completely. Its easy to make up excuses for not exercising when you're on vacation. Keep in mind that the effects of detraining aren't to be underestimated, and your fitness level can decline due to extensive time off from exercising.

Overall, have fun! And keep the above tips in mind to have not only a great vacation but an exciting exercise expedition!